11 April 2011

a true story

story from a best friend of mine.
he still can't move on after 2 years.

short stories from his memories, 
it was a rainy day, and my car sucked a lot on that day. i borrowed my mum's so that i could be there for her. 
i took the car and went to the nearest mall and got her something pink. she used to tell me how much she loves that thing. 
i figured that, the pink thing is the best present for her birthday. it didn't get any better than this. and i am wearing pink on that day. 
rain was very heavy and i have to go through a lot of traffic to give her the present. no cake for her this time. i'm sorry. 
she walked towards my car and got in. i gave her the present and she smiled. i knew she will love it. i just want to see that smile of hers. 
her mother love it too. 
that was her last birthday with me. hmmmm, but she keep it till now. i like that.

its very sad if remembering such memories. the saddest part when he is going to oversea for his studies. the girl still yet come to see him or even leave him a message. i still remember when he told me on how he keeps calling that girl. the girl still do not pick the call. even he is now at overseas, he used to call that girl. yes, a very true the fact about a man is, when this situation appear, a weird feeling come across. what i can describe it in simple words, "perasaan macam orang bodoh!" you got that? until now, he does not crush for other girls. pity him.

and if i put here the photo of him.  how good looking he is. and how smart he is. surely a lot will say how stupid that girl is.

cinta, perasaan dan hati tak boleh dipaksa. itu je gua boleh cakap. noktah.


adrinaqamarina said...

friend of mine? *wink

RastaMat said...

pity him..

syairah nizam said...

so loyal!!

Mcjust.lol said...

ada orang mmg tak reti nak hargai cinta depan mata.. sad truth

fatinawanis said...

pity him :(.

cikpia said...

kesian....... tapi that's life...... bukan semua orang yang kita sayang, sayang kita in return....