10 July 2011

2 cents from me

i found this pic from a tweet from my friend.

i followed all the news about the rally today. even i managed to sit in front of my desktop to watch live streaming for about 3 hours. then i found a friend of mine post a status in facebook;

"tolong lar kasi sejuta sebab nape orang beriya nak sokong perhimpunan haram yang diketuai oleh seorang kafir and blalalablblaabla......tapi ade satu sebab je nape ak tak sokong Bersih sebab aku bersyukur dengan kehidupan aku sekarang. alhamdulillah."

its totally lame. the statement make him looks really stupid. how can he ended his statement without even concern about others. but then, didn't want to either complain or explain this demonstration. everybody has own strong points to oppose or support this demonstration.

i just want to ask, why government didn't allow to give permit or whatever for the advocate for this event. they just claim 8 strong reasons on SPR which i think are very reasonable. for me, just give them the permit and ask policemen to ensure the rally is going well. thus, the issues that come out after the rally such dealers are complaining about the loss even worst the images for Malaysia is now scratch will not happened.

plus, naik meluat when watching the government tv post out all the news. of course, they can cheat people in rural area. pity them as they only have TV or radio as their mainstream media. but please lar, be sensible and fair to the rakyat. its all we claim as we are not really support the opposition but we think there's something wrong in government.

don't support people, support their actions. if the government is doing wrong, pressure them to do the right. if they don't listen, let others take their place. 2 cents from me.

bergantung kepada individu untuk setuju ke tidak. hik hik hik.


plumpy.tootsie said...

nk pcaye yg mne2 pihak pun dh ssh skg ni.hm

:: cekodod :: said...

what democracy this government been conducted if they don't even want citizen to speak.anak muda perlu bukak mata sekarang ni.bukan main percaya membuta tuli.tahu nak marah je takleh kuar shopink bila tanya bersih tu pun taktau ape.

NAJ HEBAT said...


aku pun tak tahu.

mana benar mana baik mana buruk.

pening juga kalau pikir, kan.