19 November 2010

Bidin and his Celcom BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800

Far away, at the right-sided of the world. There was a kingdom named Celcomtus. The kingdom was ruled by an old king. The king suffered a mysterious disease. One day, the disease attacked the king and the king was seriously sick. No hope for the king to live anymore. All the people in the kingdom worried for their king.

"If the king died, who will rule the kingdom?" asked the prime minister of the kingdom.

The king has only a beautiful daughter named Maya. As the time came, the king met his death. The kingdom became scrumble and havoc. No one can replace the king position as he do not has a son. The queen and all the chiefs of the kingdom held a meeting. A solution had been agreed.

In the Celcomtus kingdom. All the citizens have their own smartphones. The kingdom is well-known for their best made smartphones. An announcement have been made to the all citizens of Celcomtus. Announcement regarding to the solution to find a suitable person to be the next king of the kingdom.

"To the all citizens of Celcomtus, as you all know. We need to find a suitable man to become the next king. The next king of the Celcomtus should come from the blood of this kingdom. Means that, we will choose the next king from the citizens of this kingdom. The condition is very easy. A man who bring the smartest smartphones and manage to attract the princess will become the new king of Celcomtus. Plus, he will marry the most beautiful woman in this kingdom, Princess Maya."

The time come. At the palace, almost every man in the kingdom tried their luck. All of the bring their own smart phone. Unfortunately, all of then were rejeted by Princess Maya. At the end of the day, come a village boy named Bidin. Came with his magnificent Blackberry Torch 9800. Amazingly, at the first look. The princess attracted to his smart phone.

Then, Bidin with his honest heart presented his Blackberry Torch 9800 together wih the Celcom package.

Celcom BlackBerry® Torch™ 9800


Celcom Exec will let you buy the blazing new BlackBerry Torch 9800 at an affordable price you can find nowhere else.

Crazy deals at the Celcom Blackberry Torch launch event on 29 October. In front of La Bodega at Pavilion KL, here the craziness;

  • Enjoy the Celcom BlackBerry Torch at CRAZY prices from as low as RM 8 when you sign up on the day with Celcom Exec or Celcom Biz plans!
  • 1st 10 customers to sign up get it at RM 8!!!
  • Next 100 customers get it at RM 488!!
  • Following 100 customers get it at RM 888!
  • ONLY LIMITED STOCK AVAILABLE and it’s FIRST COME FIRST SERVED… so get there as early as you can!
  • Get a FREE Limited Edition BlackBerry Torch Door Cover, FREE BlackBerry Torch hard casing plus FREE Call Me Tones for 1 month worth RM5, games, apps for BlackBerry®. Just Dial *118#, and select STUFF FOR BLACKBERRY!
  • Be part of the fastest, widest clearest mobile network in the country
  • There’ll also be many other fun activities, prizes and giveaways on the launch date.


With 8 GB of memory, expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card, feel free to immerse yourself in all that insprires you. Now, you do not have to bring a heavy laptop, a big-sized of hard disk. MP4 player and so on. As its all in your hand with the Blackberry Torch 9800. Thanks to Blackberry, you can experience a full-featured music player that allows you to see full album art and track listings in potrait or landscape.

With a 5 MP camera with flash, continuous auto-focus and image stabilization, plus 11 photo modes and video recording, it's easy to capture those spontaneous moments. No need to hang DSLR or other type around your neck. As Blackberry Torch 9800 provides you a special quality of pictures. Enjoy your memorable moments with Blackberry Torch 9800.


Bring your sources of inspiration together. Gather and filter all your social network and RSS feeds in one view. Or spread your own inspiration - update multiple social networks with a single post. Facebook. Twitter and any other networks are in your hand. Update your status anywhere you are. People get crazy when you update your facebook status via blackberry. As you really looks cool by doing that. Enjoy tweet-tweet with your popular idol. All this, with Blackberry Torch 9800.

Manage multiple open websites with tabbed browsing. Bookmark your favorite sites with branded icons and customizable names, and access them right from the home screen. Just a few of the great features from BlackBerry. Oooyeahh. its really cool with Blackberry Torch 9800.



The mouth of the princess opened really wide. Princess Maya really attracted to the Blackberry Torch 9800. With all the features of the Blackberry Torch 9800, Bidin manage to make Princess Maya choose him to be the new king.

Now, officially. Bidin became the new King of Celcomtus and became the husband of Pricess Maya. Only with his Celcom Blackberry Torch 9800.

Bidin said to the press of the Kingdom;

"Now, I feel the best of both world 3.2 inch  and BlackBerry keyboard on the Celcom BlackBerry Torch. Become the king of this kingdom and become the husband of the most beautiful woman in the kingdom. Want to be like me? Just buy the Blackberry Torch 9800 at the nearest Celcom outlet. keh keh keh."

For further details;



Blackberry. Act on inspiration.


Encik Tikus said...

pehh haram jadah ape nie ?

syafiqah ezam shah said...

perghh kreatif!

hackshitam said...

due date semalam lar..

plumpy.tootsie said...

due date semalam?


hackshitam said...

due date hari ni..

plumpy.tootsie said...


okies then.



Anonymous said...

ase mcm bace fairy tale. keh3

okay. goodluck~

tia said...

good luck !
nnt dapat blackberry torch ni kaa?

fatian athiea said...

llaki kalau ng gadget cpt je..