21 November 2010

a self-convincer

 “All simple things might not be great, but all great things are simple”

time comes. life getting complicated in front of my own. against my will but with my own permission. my own unknown lies. forming a vicious circle. the vicious circle in which my own soul is trapped, panting, for there is no faith in the air.

when was the last time you cursed. some might have not have done that cause they feared the mighty one. but sure they had there gloomy heads down, and eyes up. always pleading but never a conversation. a hearty conversation. when we were born life was really simple because the toddler mind didn’t knew the complexities of the wicked world. while the whole body was getting away with complexities , the brain was doing its best to go against it. and the day we landed up in teenage. the mind was at its best non productive production. composing complex thing for the simple heart.

sometimes i feel like whats wrong am i the only one who is facing. the answer is no. life happens to all of them and we get our share of shit and treasures. the more i think of myself is more i confuse myself but when i come out and watch people living by my side they have there share of joys and sorrows and my journey goes on so does the journey of others. people come and go a few pass unnoticed and a few leave their marks and some even leave scars  and few give joys which last for a lifetime.

really hoping that i will enjoy answering organic chemistry tomorrow. my last final paper. 1 more to go and i will be a pigeon. flying everywhere i want. wishing best of luck to myself.


adrinaqamarina said...

all da best untuk kamo oke :)

bittaufiq wannajah filimtihan jugak.

Anonymous said...

i hate organic chem. i hate chem itself.


taon depan blaja phy. yeah2~

as we go on through life, theres so much that we dont understand. n there must be joy hidden behind all the complexities~

do leave scars, beautiful scars~

Encik Tikus said...

pehh sekejap jea kan dah habis final.

psssttt.. lu hensem !

plumpy.tootsie said...

err.dear,ni luahan hati insan stress kah??

every shit and treasure are meant to be shared.jgn hidup sorang-sorang ok


a very good luck i bid u on ur last paper :)

tia said...

.... some even leave scars

and it hurts. a lot. sigh~

hackshitam said...

done. tenkiuss...

final done.
kimia susah..malangnya ak kena jumpa lagi 4 tahun besama kimia..
susah jugakk..
semua susah..tido je bess..haha

cehh..lu hensemm siall..haha

hackshitam said...

hahha..agak betol kott.
kimia sangat lar susah oke..
lagi2 kalau organic..
no worries lar, no need to be shared..

hmm,,scars make us stronger..=)

RastaMat said...

gogo brader..
sket lagi setel sume masalah dalam mase terdekat ni..
tapi sem depan ade masalah lagi la kan..

wa minat organic chem tp takde rejeki nak sambong course tu..

yang terbaek ah brader!!!

DuniakuAbstrak said...

contohi ketabahan dR Rozmey weh

plumpy.tootsie said...

ayul mengong


hackshitam said...

ayul sayang dr rozmey..hahaha

fatian athiea said...

gud luck der utk pper last..

nak tny something..
asl orgnic msti laz day??
ak punya pun laz day ari tu..

mnyampah kot..
*xde kna mngena:)

hamzah ian said...

selamat maju jaya ye.. hehe.. gua dah abis exam..